Marmoran – premium wall coating

The use of premium wall coatings can drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of a building and the different variations in which they are available have been reinvented over the years to improve its characteristics such as colour, durability, ease of application, etc. Many paint brands have been around for decades, one such brand being Marmoran – a brand that has its origins in Europe having first been developed there. The Marmoran brand was established in South Africa in 1969 with South Africans in mind and has been used in a variety of exciting projects in and around South Africa, some examples include the Hilton in Umhlanga; The Quarter, and The Observatory in Cape Town, and The Waterkloof Retirement Village in Gauteng. The Marmoran range is extensive and features many products suited for both interior and exterior use that are constantly being re-designed to suit the changing needs of their consumers worldwide. Some of these products include: Decorative plasters have a variety of interesting and detailed finishes such as the popular Perma Crete, the subtle Caledonplast, and the dazzling sandstone, Glittertex, Marmolite, and others. Textured paint is available in different shades of eye-popping, irresistible colours with textures that give a space a multidimensional feel. A premium paint range consisting of different variations of Marmocote paints specifically for contractor use, high-quality enamel finishes, elastomeric and thermal coatings, and a range of paints, primers, thinners, and varnishes suitable for many uses. Under the Marmoran range, you will also find transformative glazes ranging from designer to glitter to pearlescent finishes and a range made for surface primers and undercoats. The surface preparation range of products caters can serve many uses sufficiently prepping all types of surfaces to the desired levels. The application of the proper surface preparation products can provide the solid foundational layers needed for additional applications. The Marmoran surface preparation products provide the versatility you need to cater to the different surface types that contractors may encounter Marmoran products are high-quality products that have been tried and tested by architects on grand-scale projects. They are guaranteed to last for up to 10 years if applied by licensed applicators. Contact us at Bellgrove & Snell if you are looking for an experienced licensed applicator of the Marmoran range.

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