Bellgrove and Snell is a leading South African painting specialist, in industrial, commercial and residential renovation. In addition, we are accredited & guaranteed master applicators of various industrial & residential coatings.


We bring more than 130 years of experience, skill, and technical knowledge to every project with which we are entrusted. We are fully insured, OH&S compliant and our staff are trained and accredited.


Our experience ranges from schools, universities, hospitals, retail outlets, restaurants, office suites, factories & warehousing to company headquarters, and we are committed to working within your time frame.

Technical expertise

We have specialist scaffold, swing lift and cherry picker teams, also available for hire. We have a dedicated fogging team and epoxy flooring specialists. In addition we rent out compressors, generators, ladders and high pressure water jets and we utilise an airless spray application where suitable.

Our History

Bellgrove & Snell was founded in Johannesburg in 1892. John Vibert Snell immigrated from Cornwall and his partner, Charles Bellgrove, was Australian. Bellgrove & Snell started off selling paint, glass and wallpaper to builders in the fast growing town and also supplied Kimberly when the diamond boom  settled down into a long- term industry. They then bought a site in Oxford Street, in East London, in order to be closer to the port,  and continued to operate there for some 80 years. Our history is East London’s history. We are one of the oldest members of the Master Builders’ Association and the Border Kei Chamber of Commerce.


At Bellgrove & Snell we believe that having a team of experienced and professional staff ensure that whatever project with which we are entrusted,  is completed with excellence. We invest in our staff and have long standing and loyal teams.

We are Accredited Master Applicators of:

We offer the following Services


Professionally decorating on new or previously painted surfaces. Internal and external.


Experienced and accredited master applicator of this specialised coating.


For various surfaces, structures, and roofing.

Passive fire protection & Thermal insulation

Vermiculite-spray application, decorative ceiling, and sound dampening solutions.


Work with our qualified team and take advantage of our extensive and varied experience.

Wallpaper application

Professionally supplying and applying decorative paper & vinyl wallpaper.

Asbestos encapsulation

Accredited and safe rendering of asbestos containing materials through approved products & systems.

Anti-corrosion and protection

Barrier, sacrificial and duplex systems, brush roller or airless spray applications.

High pressure blasting & roof cleaning

Including the option of anti-fungal treatments.

Maintenance plans & budgets

Long & medium term budgets & plans, including asset monitoring.

Equipment hire

Scaffolding, generators, compressors, ladders, canter truck and hire-pressure water jets available.

Cherry picker hire

Available for hire and utilised by trained technicians on our various projects.

Epoxy flooring

Self-levelling, high build, decorative, anti-static and protective epoxy flooring.


Laminates, carpet tiles, cladding and vinyl.

Airless spray application

This fast, even and effective technique is available for suitable projects.

Fogging & decontamination

99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses eliminated and its safe for humans, pets, and food.

All Female Team

  • Available for any requested project
  • Ladies with over 10 Years’ experience each, in the painting and renovation industry
  • Available to paint and decorate from residential houses to large scale commercial and industrial projects


Flooring for All Sectors

Flooring for All Sectors

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Why Asbestos Encapsulation Is Important For Your Home

Why Asbestos Encapsulation Is Important For Your Home

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The Benefits of Using Wallpaper for Your Home

The Benefits of Using Wallpaper for Your Home

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Marmoran – premium wall coating

Marmoran – premium wall coating

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