What is asbestos and where is it used?

Asbestos is an insulating material that has been used in construction projects for the last century and was commonly used in the construction of items such as corrugated ceilings, water drainage pipes, floors and gutters. Asbestos in and of itself is not a particularly dangerous material when left alone, but it is when this mineral is released into the air – when it becomes what is known as ‘friable’ – (through drilling, hammering or even through the impact of harsh elements) that it becomes potentially fatal if it is inhaled.

Why asbestos encapsulation is necessary

If your home is older than thirty years, chances are that asbestos-containing materials could still be present in various parts of your home despite being legally banned in 2008. Removal of asbestos entirely may seem like the best option but in reality, it is quite the contrary. Removal of asbestos should rather be considered as a last resort because it is in removing or disturbing this material, that harmful particles are released into the air.

Rather than removing the material and releasing the hazardous fibers into the air, asbestos encapsulation remedies this problem by sealing the asbestos with a protective coating (not paint) so that the fibers are kept intact and are not released into the air. Choosing to encapsulate asbestos comes with the following benefits:

  • It is a much easier and quicker process than removing all traces of asbestos from your home entirely.
  • It is also safer. If asbestos is present in your roof in large quantities trying to remove it without compromising the structural integrity of your roof can be difficult to accomplish.
  • It is a more cost-effective alternative – having to remove and re-renovate an entire space after asbestos removal can be quite an expensive task. Asbestos encapsulation can be a more cost-effective alternative to this problem.

If your house is showing signs of decay and you are concerned that asbestos may have been used in the construction of your home and are worried about the potentially life-threatening effects of this material on your health or that of your loved ones, contact us today. We are licensed contractors in the construction industry and have specialist knowledge pertaining to asbestos encapsulation.   

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